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Hal Lott - May 23, 2023

For those seeking the highlight reel of Durango’s early history, beginning in 1881, through the lens of the Historic Downtown Durango District (Main Avenue). This is a must-do for locals to learn where actual notorious Wild West events happened (as opposed to the lore) to share with your guests. Both tourists and locals alike will walk away with a very different view of Durango and a deeper appreciation.

Buffalo soldiers, Native Americans, outlaws, Chinese restaurateurs, railroad works and miners, freed slaves, and "soiled doves" were amongst the melting pot that was Durango. Sometimes things went awry and all hell broke loose. As a result, you will visit the hanging sites and location of the epic gunfight between the Sheriff and the Marshall amongst others. 

This tour meets at the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Depot (479 Main Avenue; gather at the horse sculptures out front). Please note this is a one-way walk up Main Avenue. We will end at Maria's Bookstore (960 Main Avenue). On this approximately 1 hour and 15 minute tour we will not enter establishments. This makes it an option for those with disabilities (be prepared for uneven Durango sidewalks however) and well behaved dogs (please give advance notice). After the tour you will be right on time for lunch at any of our wonderful downtown restaurants; now with a newfound appreciation of Durango. 

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