Silverton Skijoring

Hal Lott - February 17, 2023

One of the more interesting spectator events in our area every winter is the Silverton Skijoring competition. If you like equestrian sports AND skiing, but have never seen the two combined into one event... it just might be worth a visit to Silverton, Colorado! This event will be held this weekend, February 18th, and 19th. It is exciting to witness this winter spectacle first-hand!

SILVERTON SKIJORING presented by The Town of Silverton & Karen Srebacic-Sites Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties is comprised of a single horse typically guided by an insane person occasionally called a cowboy, cowgirl or a rider, pulling a crazy person on skis who simply hangs onto a tow rope in a manner similar to water skiing but at 35-45+ mph racing through Historic Downtown Silverton Colorado on Notorious Blair Street covered in snow while attempting to get the fastest time with the skier trying to fly over jumps and catch rings on a baton while not crashing and burning!

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